Life among other matters.

Life has been good lately. I go to an agriculture school, I am more active in my community, and I am drawing a lot. However, the phases of the moon are bugging me. They change without my notice and if, on the rare occasion, I do notice them, they seem to change before my eyes. Never letting me catch up to them. It’s quite stressful to say the least.

However, I don’t suppose that you didn’t come here to read all of my life woes. (If you did, sorry.) So I will leave you with a picture of my latest project/drawing. (Don’t you love the “I have a migraine” hair and face. It sucks, but art comes out so that is good.)WIN_20151216_17_57_19_ProWIN_20151216_17_58_28_ProWIN_20151216_17_56_48_Pro

What to do when you have a headache

When you have a headache for four years there is a lot you learn about dealing with chronic pain. One of my best discoveries I made was constant distraction. You see, when you lay in bed all day and let the pain control you, it takes your spirit away. I acted that way for a long time as quickly lost all my parts (better know as personality traits.). But as my headache stayed I knew that I had to change my life. This is where constant distraction came in handy. I noticed when I was completely submerged in activities I still had my headache but I was not in complete misery. The pain was forgotten in light of better things. Some of these things are what follows, enjoy!


Take a close-up of your turtle. Her name is George.


Grow winter squashes (like butternut squash and jarrahdale pumpkin.) It is also recommended that you eat said winter squash.


Create a master piece. I call this “spirulina and chorella whole wheat pancakes with grass fed butter and pure maple syrup”. I may need to take lessons on naming things.



Try taking vogue pictures of your shoes and name it something ridiculous.


Sew a pillow for George or a animal of your choice. (I would, however, refine from a pillow for a squirrel. Unless of course it is filled with acorns, in which case that is a fantastic idea.)


Do your hair, It helps to have a willing participant to do it for you… I mean help you.

Long time no blog

I think the reasoning of think that the reasoning of this blog going dead is possible the most embarrassing think possible. I forgot the blog for a while and when I did remember it was only to try and log into the wrong site. That being said I have finally found it and I am ready to start blogging.

“Nothing is impossible”

“Nothing is impossible, except the possibility of impossible-ness” – Dino Girl

Life is our chance to push the boundaries. Our boundaries, however, are completely man-made barriers- Nature isn’t affraid to do the impossible. In fact, nature dwells in the company of the impossible. Barriers are  that which separates the great from the average and the dreamers from the do-ers. This blog is the journey of two sisters seeking to overcome boundaries and achieve a greatness that most wouldn’t even dare to dream of.